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Here are 354 recent testimonials from our satisfied customers:

Melissa Poole (Celebration, FL) - 06/20/2016
The adrenalin of the game is just darn right fun at any age.

Christina Rogers (Winter Garden, FL) - 06/20/2016
We had our birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag because it is active fun, that's close to home.

The kids loved the laser tag!

Gotheria Scott (Ocoee, FL) - 06/19/2016
For our birthday party, we wanted some indoor fun...something different!

Our party host was fantastic.

It was a lot of fun for a great price!

Danae McPherson (Ocoee, FL) - 06/16/2016
Hannah was the party host and she was delightful.

Tami Klingenberg (Clermont, FL) - 06/12/2016
Hanna was our party host. She did a great job.

Everything was organized by the staff.

Becky Mauriello (Orlando, FL) - 05/31/2016
I loved the staff, how organized the flow was, and the fun that the kids had.

Michelle Sheldon (Clermont, FL) - 05/11/2016
My daughter loves laser tag.

Adam and Peyton were great and very friendly.

The kids had fun.

Luluca Walton (Orlando, FL) - 05/09/2016
My son loves laser tag.

The party host was very organized!

Amanda Lebron (Ocoee, FL) - 04/30/2016
The birthday girl loves laser tag and this is her favorite spot!

It was a blast and our server Hannah was amazing! Very sweet and helpful the entire time.

Hannah was our host and she was so great! She walked me through every detail and was there to make sure everything ran smoothly. She was fantastic!

Jennifer Johnson (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/29/2016
I love how much fun the kids had!

Tara Holcomb (Orlando, FL) - 04/20/2016
They were friendly and my son was able to use the equipment, he's 8.

Adam and Hannah were awesome!!!

It was a lot of fun!!!

Jeanne Lewis (Ocoee, FL) - 04/18/2016
A birthday party here is perfect for a 10 yr old boy.

Robyn Kaminski (Ocoee, FL) - 04/14/2016
We hosted our school event at Lazer Xtreme because it is a fun place for children and we wanted somewhere local for our event.

The store staff were amazing and attentive.

Deborah Clarke Carter (Ocoee, FL) - 04/11/2016
Our birthday party here was very good!

Stacie Crawley (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/04/2016
Convenient location; fun party!

Kathey Casado (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/04/2016
My son wanted to come here again for his birthday party.

Hannah was an exceptional party host!

Val Danesh (Oakland, FL) - 04/03/2016
Extreme Laser Tag was the #1 pick by daughter!

Samantha Muhlbach (Clermont, FL) Address: 851 Crooked Branch Drive - 04/03/2016
My son played here with my husband before, and he insisted on having his party here.

Hannah was great. She was very attentive and polite party host. That helped to make it very organized.

The kids loved it. It was well organized.

Jennifer Douglass (Apopka, FL) - 04/03/2016
My child wanted to go there and play laser tag for her party.

Hannah was wonderful with our child and her friends.

Dominique LeBoeuf (Apopka, FL) - 03/28/2016
My son wanted his birthday at your location.

Payton, our party host, was awesome!

Sarah Hartland (Lake Mary, FL) - 03/24/2016
Zakiya gave us exceptional service -- and the kids had fun!

Lavonda Harris (Groveland, FL) - 02/26/2016
My son wanted to laser tag, as well the convenience, and the coupon helped a lot to make it happen!

Zakiyyah was my host and she was there the entire process to help with whatever I needed as well as my party guests.

Rafael Guerrero (Apopka, FL) - 02/24/2016
The kids loved it!

Candice Brauner (Winter Garden, FL) - 02/17/2016
Our party leader was very friendly. The kids had fun!

David Boyette (Ocoee, FL) - 02/04/2016
Our party was the best!

Jeane Boast (Winter Garden, FL) - 10/30/2015
Our party was easy!

George Arnold (Altamonte Springs, FL) - 10/27/2015
Our kids have played here before and mom suggested holding a party here.

Everything's taken care of, including the cake.

Thank you to Payton for her friendliness and being attentive to our guests!

Valerie Bower (Windermere, FL) - 10/24/2015
The kids had a blast. Every employee was great!

Joseph Awad (Windermere, FL) - 10/20/2015
My child asked to play laser tag for his birthday.

Danny and Amanda are excellent employees --I hope they are appreciated!

Julie Lively (Apopka, FL) - 10/19/2015
Payton (our party host) was so friendly.

Alisa Delvecchio (Apopka, FL) - 10/18/2015
In and out -- and no mess at my house!!!

Regina Faber (Ocoee, FL) - 10/15/2015
Amanda and Heather were exceptional party hosts! Our birthday party was THE BEST.

Delilah Mojica (Windermere, FL) - 09/30/2015
My son came here for one of his friend's birthday and could not stop talking about how much fun he had.

Payton was absolutely an amazing host! From the moment we walked through the door she immediately greeted us and took all of our stuff and showed us to our area. She helped with every single aspect of the party and was tremendously patient and attentive with us and all of my guests, especially the kids. She provided top notch service and I would return and have future parties here!

Stacey Rosario (Clermont, FL) - 09/25/2015
I received exceptional service from Amanda , Payton and Daniel!

Dayna Tobyansen (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/24/2015
My daughter had been there before and thought a party with her friends would be fun!

Jean - our Host - was awesome! Made sure that he explained everything, was friendly and attentive to our needs.

Our birthday party was easy and everyone had a great time.

Tara Quintal (Orlando, FL) - 09/22/2015
My son and his friends had SO much fun! We will definitely be back to play again. Probably a lot.

Danny was very helpful and patient with me when I needed help understanding the bill. All the staff was very helpful and they seemed to work very well together. From my experience, this is a reflection of good management.

Ibama Gari (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/21/2015
My daughter love the place and she wanted her party there.

I am very satisfied with the service and the party was a success.

Brandon Viers (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/08/2015
I loved the friendliness of the staff. Hannah was wonderful.

Thanks. It was the best birthday party I think my daughter has had.

Christina Harju (Orlando, FL) - 08/31/2015
Extreme Laser Tag was my Child's choice, he wanted his birthday there.

The staff was very friendly and professional.

I don't remember any names. But everyone working on 8/29/15 was very nice and professional.

Great place to have a party or just to go and have fun. Thank you.

Joann Shaheen (Ocoee, FL) - 08/30/2015
Everything was easy, the kids were entertained and the hostess was great.

Hannah was awesome. I will definitely ask for her again when I come back. She was very polite and helpful!

Leo Tierra (Ocala, FL) - 08/30/2015
Our hostess I believe her name was Amanda. And the manager who settled our final bill was great as well.

Danielle Fox (Clermont, FL) - 08/20/2015
It was an awesome time. Both children and parents loved it.

The two workers that helped with party were amazing. Very friendly and helpful.

Renee Martin (Ocoee, FL) - 08/13/2015
You were my son's choice for a party.

Amanda was great!!

Pam Copeland (Oxford, FL) - 08/13/2015
Jean Sanon was exceptional - respectful, attentive, energetic, and very nice!

Great job.

Jennifer Wilson (Apopka, FL) - 08/11/2015
My child requested a laser tag party and I remembered seeing Extreme Laser Tag near by, so we gave it a try!

The kids had fun and our host was amazing!

Renee Martin (Ocoee, FL) - 08/07/2015
My son's choice for a party.

Amanda, our birthday party host, was great!

Stephanie Crum (Windermere, FL)The host - Amanda - was very attentive and friendly. Everyone had a l - 07/30/2015
The host - Amanda - was very attentive and friendly. Everyone had a lot of fun.

It was a great value! We'll be back!

Deborah O'Neal (Orlando, FL) - 07/24/2015
The summer camp program I run wanted to play and my daughter had taken her kids to this one and said it was a great place to go.

Kenny and the whole crew was great. You have a great bunch working for you at this location. Very attentive!!

Would recommend everyone to go.

Alfredo Ranaldi (Windermere, FL) - 05/12/2015
The birthday party was so much fun; it was the best!

I would definitely recommend Extreme Laser Tag to my friends.

Jolynn Brooks (Orlando, FL) - 05/12/2015
I can't remember their names, but all the employees during our party were great!

I loved that there was no clean up for me to do at the end. Very carefree.

Tamara Hass (Windermere, FL) - 05/12/2015
Everyone at the party was friendly, and our hosts were very attentive.

The store was very clean, which was nice.

Andrea Kerr (Orlando, FL) - 05/11/2015
Our host was Hannah, who was excellent.

Every guest in our party got a "2-for-1" coupon to come back and play discounted games.

Karen Grau (Windermere, FL) - 05/05/2015
Extreme Laser Tag has the best reservation process. I did it online, and got email confirmations.

The kids had a really good time at the birthday party.

Sherana Hill (Longwood, FL) - 05/04/2015
I chose to have my child's party here because my research on-line showed that Extreme Laser Tag was affordable and super fun.

It was all so easy. One phone call to book, follow up e-mails for reminders, and when we got there, everything was taken care of and went smoothly.

Ashley was our hostess, and she did an excellent job. She was friendly, attentive, and well organized.

This place is a great value!

Birthday party package pricing was very reasonable.

The kids were very happy afterwards

Paul Ahlstore (Windermere, FL) - 04/30/2015
They have the best process for reserving birthday parties; on-line, over the phone, or in the store, doesn't matter!

Our birthday party was so much fun!

Jennifer Grecco (Clermont, FL) - 04/26/2015
The laser tag was so much fun!

The entire staff worked well together to take care of us.

Gwendolyn Hall-Henry (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/26/2015
All the details of the birthday party were taken care of by our host. He was very good!

I would recommend this place to my friends.

Jill Adkins (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/20/2015
My son really wanted to go here for his birthday party!

The party was so easy! Ashley, our party host, was exceptional! Overall, we enjoyed our party.

Diana Mogollon (Windermere, FL) - 04/19/2015
I liked how close the store was to home, and it was really fun for the kids, too!

I would host another birthday party here.

Casey Morris (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/12/2015
The birthday party was so easy for parents, and kids love it.

Amanda, our "game master," was outstanding!

Allison Taliaferro (Ocoee, FL) - 04/10/2015
The kids really seemed to enjoy the birthday party, and it was pretty low stress for me!

Our party host was fantastic- caring, kind and informative. She took care of everything- from wrangling the kids to cutting the cake. She even helped escort us to the car with our presents when finished.

Mandy Digiammarino (Orlando, FL) - 03/24/2015
The boys loved it! Hannah was our party host and she was excellent throughout the entire experience. She was good with the kids. She knew how to handle multiple boys, even if they got rowdy.

It was a great party. The kids had fun, and it was easy for me, as a parent.

Joanna Starling (Orlando, FL) - 03/24/2015
The party coordination was FANTASTIC!

Our host Kaylee was exceptional.

Kathy Walterhouse (Longwood, FL) - 03/23/2015
Laser tag games were fun for everyone, including the adults!

Hewood was a fantastic host!!!

Lisa Vandervoort (Ocoee, FL) - 03/15/2015
I like having my child's birthday parties here, because I don't have to do anything, and the kids have a blast!

Our hostess Kaylee was great; she was very attentive.

Lindley Palmer (Windermere, FL) - 03/09/2015
My son always has fun when he attends parties here!

Our host Ashley was great!

Paulette Soto (Winter Garden, FL) - 03/08/2015
Our host Hewood was very attentive, and went throught all the details of the reservation with us. He was very respectful, cheerful, and had everything in order. Perfect service!

I liked that the kids could have a lot of fun in a safe environment.

This is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday!

Pamela Davis (Winter Garden, FL) - 03/06/2015
I had heard that this was a good place for a birthday party, and after the convenience of it, I will definitely book another party here!

Our party host, Amanda, was exceptional!

Christina Lepp (Orlando, FL) - 02/22/2015
The birthday party was very well organized. I wouldn't change a thing.

Our host, Daniel was phenomenal!

David Kelly (Windermere, FL) - 02/22/2015
A good time was had by all.

Our party host, Hewood, made the experience better for everyone. The parents and kids all enjoyed him. We would come back just for him, he did such a great job.

David Kelly (Windermere, FL) - 02/22/2015
A good time was had by all.

Our party host, Hewood, made the experience better for everyone. The parents and kids all enjoyed him. We would come back just for him, he did such a great job.

Kristen Still (Ocoee, FL) - 02/22/2015
We came because my son enjoyed the previous times we had come to play. I also liked that the boys were free to run around and play arcade games before and after laser tag. It kept them busy.

Seemed like a fun place for 9-10-11 year old kids!

I liked the convenience, no cleaning, personal service of our hostess, Amanda

Amanda was fabulous to both the birthday boy, his friends, and the parents.

Larry Vickers (Winter Garden, FL) - 02/12/2015
Our party host Heywood was really nice and was very attentive...

Cheri Godek (Ocoee, FL) - 02/11/2015
It's what my son wanted.

I liked that the kids had a lot of fun and I really didn't have to do much of anything.

Zavier did a fantastic job both booking our party and being our host.

Linda Yee (Ocoee, FL) - 02/10/2015
Xavier and Hannah, the entire staff was super friendly and helpful!

Charles Baker (Gotha, FL) - 02/10/2015
The kids had a blast. The game was very fun and they loved seeing how they ranked when they were done.

Sharon Rumney (Winter Garden, FL) - 02/09/2015
Our host Hannah was so great with the kids!!!!

Amy Barrett (Apopka, FL) - 02/08/2015
My daughter attended a party there and loved it so much that she wanted to have her next birthday party there.

We all really enjoyed the laser tag games. They were a lot of fun. I thought the laser tag area was very well thought-out, big enough to really move around and try different tactics, but not so big that you ever felt all alone or lost.

Kaylee Accomado was absolutely wonderful. She was very friendly, attentive, and worked very hard to make sure my daughter had the party that she wanted.

Susannah Hurt (Montverde, FL) - 02/06/2015
Last year, my son wanted a laser tag party after going with a friend. We held the second party this year because of our very positive experience last year! : -

The kids always have a fantastic time and I like that there is a priority on it being a safe, kid friendly time.

Sometimes it's the small things...loved the clean bathrooms--things like that do make a difference!

Lekeshia Warren (Orlando, FL) - 02/06/2015
Everyone was helpful and friendly! The kids had awesome FUN!

AMANDA ROCKS!!! Excellent party host!

Angie Harden (Windermere, FL) - 02/03/2015
I selected Extreme for our birthday party due to the location and ease of planning the party.

Sharon Rumney (Winter Garden, FL) - 01/30/2015
It was convenient, and the kids like laser tag!

Our host Hannah was so great with the kids!!!!

Monique Johns (Winter Garden, FL) - 01/24/2015
Both of our party hosts were exceptional!

Susan Crawford (Ocoee, FL) - 01/20/2015
It is s fun place for kids to play.

Our host was very friendly and did a really good job.

Susan Crawford (Ocoee, FL) - 01/20/2015
It is s fun place for kids to play.

Our host was very friendly and did a really good job.

Laura Austria (Clermont, FL) - 12/29/2014
Our party host was very attentive and friendly!

Chad Alday (Winter Garden, FL) - 12/28/2014
Our party was the best and I would recommend Extreme Laser Tag to my friends.

Crystal Hansen (Apopka, FL) - 12/23/2014
My son wanted his party there!

I liked the host of the party taking care of everything. I loved being able to enjoy myself instead of making sure everyone was taken care of. He did a wonderful job!

Emmanuel was our host. He was great!

Aaron Vasilko (Zellwood, FL) - 12/15/2014
My son wanted to have his party there

It was the BEST!

Michelle Mangum (Winter Garden, FL) - 12/15/2014
Emmanuel was excellent. If I hosted another event I would personally request him. His attitude and attentiveness to the children was excellent. He gave every child attention. He should train his peers.

John Vandersteen (Orlando, FL) - 12/15/2014
Attended a previous party here and had ours here.

Xavier was terrific.

Stephanie Fasen (Ocoee, FL) - 12/14/2014
My son loved it last year and wanted to do it again!

Brendan R. was our party host and Tony was the manager. They were exceptional.

Victoria Pasiecki (Winter Garden, FL) - 12/14/2014
Our party host Brendan Ruchlin was excellent! Friendly, super helpful and great with the kids. Manager Tony was also great!

Anne-Marie Kassabi (Ocoee, FL) - 12/14/2014
My child suggested it and it was less than 5 min from our house!

I loved not having to do anything during our party.

Linda Milligan (Clermont, FL) - 12/12/2014
Amanda did a fabulous job!!

Monique Worrell (Oakland , FL) - 12/10/2014
Xavier was very attentive, and helpful, and made party a complete success. He wouldn't even allow me to gather gifts at the end. He insisted that I enjoy the party and leave the work to him!

Deidre Engstrom (Windermere, FL) - 12/09/2014
Amanda was our helper. She was very kind.

What a fun activity for the boys!

Maria Arredondo (Clermont, FL) - 12/07/2014
Laser Tag as my daughter's request for her birthday party.

I liked they have everything included for one flat price.

Amanda, was a exceptional girl, kind, helpful, was really awesome with the kids. She's the best!

Also want to tank the store manager, for being so helpful and understandable with my request. I don't know his name, but many thanks...

Philip Burton (Winter Garden, FL) - 11/28/2014
The party was worry free and very convenient from a parent's perspective.

Our party host, Zavier, was truly excellent, knowledgeable and very accommodating to our guests.

Kristin Kelley (Windermere, FL) - 11/23/2014
Great value and great service!

Erika Wright (Orlando, FL) - 11/22/2014
The kids had fun!

Jamie Martinez (Ocoee, FL) - 11/21/2014
He never had a laser tag party before and wanted to try it.

It was the BEST -- a lot of fun!

Nikki Zaworski (Windermere, FL) - 11/21/2014
I liked the fact that the hostesses took care of the kids needs and I was able to enjoy the party and not work. Also the manager told us to get together for a family picture and I never think of that.

They did a great job all around.

Melissa Maidhof (Clermont, FL) - 11/11/2014
My son attended a party at Extreme Laser Tag and decided he wanted his party to be there too.

Danny, our party host, was phenomenal.

The kids had fun playing tag!

Suzanne Kazel (Clermont, FL) - 11/10/2014
The kids had fun and nothing to clean up!

Amanda Griffith and Amanda Grissom were great!

Traci Gregory (Ocoee, FL) - 11/07/2014
Our party was low maintenance. Hannah was awesome!

Al Thomson (Clermont, FL) - 11/05/2014
A party at Extreme Laser Tag was our birthday girl's wish!

Sandra Werner (Apopka, FL) - 11/03/2014
I liked the fun of laser tag as well as having a hostess who literally took care of everything.

Our party hostess was Kaylee and she was OUTSTANDING!!! She truly made the party perfect for us! Shift manager Amanda was super as well.

Great fun and cannot wait to go back!

Kathleen Johnson (Apopka, FL) - 11/03/2014
My child had so much fun at previous party that he wanted to have his party there.

Amanda, our party host, did a wonderful job.

Kathleen Ochab (Longwood, FL) - 10/30/2014
I liked the ease of booking and help from our party coordinator.

Stephanie Mayuski (Clermont, FL) - 10/26/2014
Kaylee, my party host and the manager on duty were wonderful!

I liked not having to do anything!

Cynthia Brown (Orlando, FL) - 10/26/2014
We were looking for something fun, indoors and family oriented.

Demi was friendly, attentive, kind, pleasant and efficient! My 8 year old describes her as being fabulous!!!

Myself, family and friends enjoyed every aspect of my daughter's party yesterday!

This was the first party I've had with your company the price was reasonable and the experience was over the top. Thank everyone at the Ocoee location for making my daughter's party a huge success!!!

Amber Robinson (Orlando, FL) - 10/24/2014
We loved the Laser tag! Of course!

I am thankful we were allowed to bring in a few extra food/snacks for the kids and the birthday cake. The variety of drinks offered was great.

Zavier was fantastic with the kids. It was so awesome to have his help and he was attentive to every detail, never rush us and made the whole experience wonderful. I was completely stress free! Please thank him again for me and I wish him the best of luck with his future.

Ginger Lore (Windermere, FL) - 10/23/2014
Pizza was tasty, hot and on time. Attendant was friendly and very helpful.

I appreciated the flexibility when we had unanticipated additional guests.

Good value!

Ashley McCombes (Clermont, FL) - 10/19/2014
We had a great time!

Bobbie Jean Cabezas (Apopka, FL) - 10/18/2014
Best Price Deal. Closest to home.

Angel Rosado (Orlando, FL) - 10/16/2014
Our son enjoys the game and asked for the party!

I liked that it was easy and the kids had fun. The party planner took care of everything and did it with a smile.

Johayra Crespo (Oviedo, FL) - 10/01/2014
Good price for the Birthday package!

Shelly Jeanine Draves (Apopka, FL) - 09/30/2014
Our party was fun and easy.

Thanks to Tony and Amanda. They were extremely friendly and helpful.

Aisha Hayle (Orlando, FL) - 09/29/2014
Interactive family fun for adults and kids.

Excellent time, thanks!

Liza Colon (Winter Springs, FL) - 09/29/2014
We hosted our birthday party here because of the atractive package and prices.

We loved the laser tag.

Danielle Montelione (Orlando, FL) - 09/22/2014
We loved the laser tag, games, pizza, and good host.

Janet Costanza (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/17/2014
My son and his friends had a fantastic time!

Thank you for the great service.

Renea Jenkins (Orlando, FL) - 09/08/2014
My grandson requested his birthday party there.

The kids loved it!!

Kaylee was our hostess. She was so sweet and attentive.

Erin Shropshire (Clermont, FL) - 09/06/2014
Because we had so much fun at her friends party...we decided to do my daughter's party here too.

We loved everything...especially our host Amanda!!! I love the entire set up and how organized it is. The kids and adults loved it!

We had an amazing time for our 7 year old daughters birthday. Amanda made the experience perfect. We will be back for more parties with Amanda hosting… Thank you again!

Ann Adams (Windermere, FL) - 09/04/2014
My son loves laser tag and video games.

The party hostess was well organized and helpful!

Kelly Garland (Apopka, FL) - 09/04/2014
This was my son's pick.

Everyone had so much fun participating- parents and kids.

Laura Schmidt (Windermere, FL) - 08/29/2014
Inclusive package. Easy to arrange. Everything taken care of on site. Boys had a blast!

Jennifer Blevins (Longwood, FL) - 08/29/2014
My son never had a party like this and the boys love this sort of thing.

The kids loved it. They had A great time!

Leisa Covelli (Maitland, FL) - 08/20/2014
James was wonderful and took great pictures!!!

Our party was easy.

Paul Weldon (Kissimmee, FL) - 08/19/2014
It was fun.

Our party host was exceptional.

Gale Ridgeway (Orlando, FL) - 08/18/2014
My granddaughter loves to play laser tag.

Our hostess was absolutely outstanding!

Abder Boufakir (Gotha, FL) - 08/12/2014
I loved the attention received from the person assigned to our party. He did EVERYTHING! We just sat at the adult table and he handled it all... Thanks James.

Leisa Covelli (Maitland, FL) - 08/12/2014
jJames was a wonderful party host and took great pictures!!!

Jimmy Steele (Orlando, FL) - 08/10/2014
We had a great time- the staff was great!

We were there for our overnight party from 11pm - 8 am! The staff did great … the manager was great as well!

Diana Thomson (Ocoee, FL) - 08/08/2014
My son likes laser tag and the price was reasonable.

My son and the kids loved it.

Denise Berthiaume (Ocoee, FL) - 08/05/2014
My child had a great time at a previous party and requested that we come here for his birthday party.

Amanda was our host, and she did a great job. Emanuel the Manager was super friendly as well.

It was easy and the kids had a blast.

Thanks for a great party!

Olga Kaza (Orlando, FL) - 08/05/2014
I liked the fact that adults and kids were able to have fun together.

Emanuel, our party host, was awesome! Everyone loved him!

Great, fun place! Kids loved the party!

Lori Jeter (Orlando, FL) - 08/04/2014
We love the indoor environment, the large playing field and the way we are treated by the staff when we come.

I wouldn't change anything, this center was quite accommodating!

The feedback from the kids - 20! - was 100 percent positive. It was very interactive for our group and something that everyone of them enjoyed. The atmosphere was upbeat and positive.

Xavier and James where the two we interacted with the most. They were both committed to making our group experience a great one! Xavier was very professional and friendly at the same time. He was great at connecting to the customer and it was evident he wanted us to really enjoy our time here.

James was a great host for the kids, taking them in each time. He made it fun for them and worked with us to make it a great experience throughout the two hours we had booked!

It is hard sometimes to please everyone when we have a camp. This outing was 100pct. approved and we will definitely come again.

Janet Woollet (Winter Garden, FL) - 08/04/2014
The kids loved it and Demi was very nice.

Rob Velasco (Oviedo, FL) - 08/04/2014
The game play is awesome!

The kids really enjoy it!

Erika Thurston (Gotha, FL) - 08/02/2014
My son loves lazer tag.

The party hostess was amazing.

I loved seeing the kids working together.

Tamara Walker (Clermont, FL) - 08/01/2014
We had our party here because my son went to a previous Laser Tag party and had a blast!

Little work for me and no clean up.

Tanja Schreivogel (Winter Garden, FL) - 07/29/2014
I liked having a host that catered to us and our every need. Our host Heather was incredible and it would not have been a success without her.

Heather our host and Xavier the manager were exceptional hosts and very friendly.

Justin White (Winter Park, FL) - 07/25/2014
Hannah, our party hostess was outstanding!!!

Cyndra Alderman (Orlando, FL) - 07/21/2014
The manager, Tony, was great and Party Attendant Heidi was amazing!

The kids were extremely happy and our party attendant was amazing!

Kimberly Wells (Oakland, FL) - 07/14/2014
Both of my children have attended parties at this location and had a blast.

It was very relaxing for my husband and me. We didn't have to do anything but show up and that was amazing!!!

I believe our host's name was Delaney. She was awesome!!! There was also another young lady there who I do not remember her name but she was tall and thin and had brown curly hair, she was very sweet and willing to help with anything. Also, the manager on duty, Tony, was GREAT as well!

All the staff that was on duty during the time of our party was amazing! Everything flowed perfectly. We could NOT have asked for anything better.

Eric Fischer (Winter Garden, FL) - 07/11/2014
Our 140 person day camp was smooth and smooth and campers enjoyed it.

The on-duty manager was very organized and prompt.

Great experience!

Carrie Chapman (Orlando, FL) - 07/07/2014
It was an grown-up party but we had a great time. One of our Dr's children actually goes to ELT. He recognized the name after I found it on the internet.

We had a great time! Our hosts were awesome and fun! They did a stellar job and the manager was very nice as well. We definately liked the AC! We did an outdoor version a couple years ago and it was terribly hot and smelly. The set-up was awesome, great mazes and holes here and there to peek through.

Emmanuel and Amanda our hosts were wonderful, thank you both so much! Your patience was impeccable as well, we know how hard those ER docs are to wrangle. You both did a great job! Jorge, the manager, was very friendly and informative and gave us some great ideas for next year!

Lindsay Causey (Clermont, FL) - 06/23/2014
We had our party here because a friend told me it was fun and I read the reviews.

The best part was I didn't have to anything. The host took care of everything.

My daughter loved her party. She said it was the best birthday party ever.

Kathy Henderson (Gotha, FL) - 06/20/2014
Laser tag was great, I'm 65, it was great!

Amanda, our party host, was excellent!! We gave her a tip!!

Andrea Taylor (Windermere, FL) - 06/19/2014
Our party host, Demi was awesome!!!!! So helpful and sweet.


Kate Betts (Orlando, FL) - 06/13/2014
Our party host was Emmanuel. He was great with the kids, really knows how to communicate with them and lots of energy. He was also very friendly and personable with the parents. Amanda was also very nice.

I liked no clean up for me!

Marvin Snyder (Winter Garden, FL) - 06/08/2014
My son attended a previous birthday party there and had so much fun. When it came to planning his own party, there was no doubt where he wanted to have it.

The kids had so much fun in the laser games.

Zavier Rosa was very friendly and helpful. He even took pictures with our camera inside the laser game. A+

Lori O'Leary (Ocoee , FL) - 06/06/2014
Delaney and Amanda were fantastic employees.

Sarah Cornett (Apopka, FL) - 06/02/2014
I got to sit back and enjoy. I like that the hostess took care of everything and I could just relax. Also that it was a party where kids are active.

Josh Gold (Orlando, FL) - 06/02/2014
It was what my daughter really wanted to do for her 10th birthday.

It was turn-key. Our hostess did all the work!

Delaney was fantastic. Very attentive. Wanted to make sure the parents had a great time as well as the kids!

Mai Ngoc Phuong Nguyen (Windermere, FL) - 06/02/2014
It was fun even for younger kids age 4-5

Demi was our excellent host!

Shirley Cai (Windermere, FL) - 06/01/2014
My son had a good time when he had a nine year old birthday party there.

The parents also have a fun time while children are playing.

Stacey Lewis (Ocoee, FL) - 06/01/2014
My boys love laser tag.

I like no clean up!

Kenny Smith (Winter Garden, FL) - 05/28/2014
The kids enjoyed it very much.

Heather was absolutely amazing at her job. She really cared! It wasn't a fake care either. You could tell that she wasn't sick of the kids or annoyed. I would recommend a party here to anyone and Heather as the host!

Lynn Long (Orlando, FL) - 05/27/2014
Our party was easy. It was not too expensive and no mess at my house.

I could bring my own cake. My husband got to go in for free. He enjoyed it and that's what I will tell people when asked. This was a great idea!

Everyone did a great job. No one was pushy or over the top. We enjoyed it.

Dina Moya (Orlando, FL) - 05/27/2014
A laser tag party was something fun and different.

Everything was timed perfectly. I had the two game package.

Heather (our party host) was awesome!!

This was the easiest and most fun party I've ever had. As a parent, I did not worry about one thing. Loved that the parents got to play.

Simone Ramey (Windermere, FL) - 05/26/2014
A birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag is fun, safe and affordable!

I liked that there were tables for parents to hang out!

Stephanie Mastin (Winter Garden, FL) - 05/25/2014
Dawson wanted his birthday party here.

I was able to enjoy family and friends while my host did all the work!

Angela Sander (Apopka, FL) - 05/22/2014
Emmanuel (our party host) did an excellent job. My son was very happy.

Adrienne Roethel (Orlando, FL) - 05/19/2014
Laser tag is perfect for older boys.

I liked evening availabilty and fun for teenage boys, and the good location.

Linda Rowe (Winter Garden, FL) - 05/17/2014
My son always has a fun time there. No mess -- all fun.

The kids and parents had a great time. Didn't have to worry about what to do for the party if the weather did not cooperate. The party was worry free.

Tony, excellent manager very friendly and on top of everything. Demi was our sweet hostess and she was great. very helpful and whatever she could do to help she did. The entire staff was GREAT. My son loves coming in to play and he had a great 9th birthday.

Thanks to all of you Much appreciated. By the way they had the tables nicely set up and decorated as requested. Top notch place will definitely be back soon.

Nicole Diaz (Winter Garden, FL) - 05/13/2014
My son requested to have his birthday party here because he had been to a party here before.

It's a very convenient location with reasonable prices, but the service of our party host was phenomenal!!! His attentiveness and friendliness alone made me and many other adults at the party consider having future parties at this location!

Kinnari Patel (Orlando, FL) - 05/04/2014
We had fun last time, so we had another party here!

Our host was very helpful and nice.

Truc Tran (Ocoee, FL) - 04/28/2014
Our party host was Demi. Demi was great!

Judith Jones (Gotha , FL) - 04/20/2014
Our host Danny made it a really fun time for the boys. I also liked the williness to help from other staff members

Anna Holbrook (Orlando, FL) - 04/20/2014
The party was very well organized .... Nothing for me to do!

Our host, Demi Burdette, was fabulous. She was well organized, super friendly, and extremely helpful. She took care of everything!

Cheryl Slaten (Windermere, FL) - 04/19/2014
It was easy and the kids had fun. Two hours is a perfect amount of time.

Our party host, Amanda, was great!

Floriano Putigna (Oakland, FL) - 04/19/2014
Great Job!

Alejandra Rodriguez (Orlando, FL) - 04/14/2014
My son had fun.

Andrea Thomas (Orlando, FL) - 04/14/2014
The price was great and the location was easy for the guests to find.

The atmosphere was family friendly.

Our party host was extremely patient and helpful. He never left our side and he was also very attentive.

Lori Nelson (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/12/2014
Everything was very organized and done for us.

Alan Birsch (Orlando, FL) - 04/11/2014
The kids were kept amused all of the time.

Corrie Kelly (Orlando, FL) - 04/10/2014
This was a unique party and reasonably priced.

Demi our game master was super sweet and very attentive. We didn't think our four year old could play but Demi walked her through it prior, won her trust and stayed with her during the games. As the Mom I didn't think I would play either but I did due to Demi and had a blast.

Demi is the best. I work at Disney and would hire her in a hot minute.

Your video is hilarious and I liked your rules. Also the shirt your game master wears that says in fine print...if you don't have fun,etc. is great!

Joanette Crawford (Winter Garden, FL) - 04/08/2014
I have had parties at many other different places therefore I know when there is a difference. The service was beyond excellent ... I didnt have to leave my seat.

My host Brandon was the best. He even offered to carry the cake out to my car. He takes customer service to a whole other level.

Rosalina Martinez (Orlando, FL) - 04/03/2014
Our service was nothingbshort of EXCEPTIONAL!!

I loved how kind, friendly and helpful the entire staff was. Having our own party host was amazing and for this mother of four young children, an incredibly huge help and great relief knowing someone was helping with guests at all time. I have already recommended the staff and facility to 5 friends since our party this past Saturday. Our host was amazing, so proactive, kind and eager to help.

We are very impressed. Keep up the GREAT work!

Nicole Metzker (Orlando, FL) - 04/02/2014
The kids always had something to do. The party hosts were outstanding!!!

Amanda Grissom -- Emmanuel Flanders -- Awesome people.....loved them! Thank you so much!

Nicole Metzker (Orlando, FL) - 03/24/2014
The kids always had something to do. The party hosts were outstanding!!!

Tammy Zureiq (Winter Garden, FL) - 03/23/2014
We had our party here because my son attended a previous birthday party at Extreme laser tag and had a blast. Very organized great price!!

The host was the best! She had taken pictures for us.. That was priceless.

Amanda Grissom You did an awesome job. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tammy Zureiq (Winter Garden, FL) - 03/18/2014
My son attended a previous birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag had a blast. Very organized -- great price!!

The host was the best! Amanda Grissom You did an awesome job THANK YOU!

Michael Korkis (Ocoee, FL) - 03/16/2014
We had a good time last year and our son wanted to do it again.

The hosting was like a concierge service! Fantastic!

Tony the manager addresses every need. Heather went way above and beyond. She was not just facilitating the experience but making it fun for everyone! Terrific guest training by the staff. The host was outstanding.

Shannon Anthonissen (Ocoee, FL) - 03/06/2014
My son always has a blast there with his youth group and wanted to have his birthday party there.

You did all the work!

I wouldn't make any changes! Everything was fantastic!!!

Cecelia Dowdye (Kissimmee, FL) - 03/05/2014
We totally enjoyed our host EMMANUEL … he made it very easy for us to sit back and enjoy our first experience at laser tag.

The entire staff was exceptional but once again our host EMMANUEL was OUTSTANDING!


Jamie Dones (Orlando, FL) - 03/04/2014
It was something my child hasn't experienced and when we walked by one day, he begged us to go.

I loved the timely mannered origization and the over all experience. I absolutely loved our host Emmanuel and the staff. Very nice and attentive.

Emmanuel - host - , Tony and Heather - managers - Very nice people.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their exellent work. Not only my son , but everyone - including my husband and myself - had a blast! We have already recommened this place to our family and friends, and we do plan on returning. Such a weight off my shoulders. Loved everything about it. Thanks again and may God bless you guys 100 fold more than you guys have blessed us.

Danielle Fugler (Clermont, FL) - 03/02/2014
We hosted our birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag because it fit with our child's Star Trek party theme.

I liked not having to do anything. The hostess took care of everything.

Larri Mattison (Apopka, FL) - 02/24/2014
Every person there was extremely helpful and went out of their way to make our day special!

The whole experience was wonderful!!

Mindy Smith (Apopka, FL) - 02/24/2014
The kids had fun.

Nicole Raquel St. Louis (Apopka, FL) - 02/24/2014
Our party host, Delaney was perfect! I never had to look far for her.

Jamea Jackson (Gotha , FL) - 02/24/2014
The laser tag was great and so was my host Amanda!

Malinda Creager (Ocoee, FL) - 02/23/2014
My son loves laser tag.

Obviously the kids loved the actual laser tag games but I would have to say our host, Emanuel Flanders, really made the experience worthwhile! He was amazing!! He really took care of the kids. We left him a nice tip as I felt like he really went over and beyond to ensure my son had a great experience.

Hannah also assisted with the party and she was fabulous as well. These two worked really hard and deserve to be recognized as they really contributed to the success of the party.

Janice Lewis (Oakland, FL) - 02/21/2014
You guys were on top of everything! I have never had a party where I could enjoy the party instead of running around making sure everything was going well.

I believe the girl who took care of us name was Gwen and she was AWESOME!!!

I have already have been telling friends to look into you guys for their parties.

Jennifer Lee Castro (Orlando, FL) - 02/17/2014
My son enjoys playing laser tag.

What I liked best was our son's happiness with sharing the laser tag experience with his friends.

My son had a blast and our birthday host was amazing...

Cynthia Bekas (Apopka, FL) - 02/16/2014
It was something different to do and it looked liked fun. Plus it wasn't at my house and I didn't have to set up and clean up.

I liked that I can just show up and everything was taken care of. The pizza from Pizza Hut was delicious.

Christina Puzio (Orlando, FL) - 02/10/2014
My son went there over the summer with star child academy and had a great time .

Susan Snowden (Winter Garden, FL) - 02/10/2014
I knew it would be fun for my grandson.

The kids had fun ... the staff were wonderful … and it was a easy way for a party.

Our hostess was exceptional!

Chistine Grahaglia (Ocoee, FL) - 02/10/2014
My son loves laser tag and this is what he wanted to do.

Emmanuel was a great party host and Heather was a great assistant. Tony was very helpful both on the phone and in person.

The boys had a great time.

Joy Joseph (Apopka, FL) - 02/10/2014
My host was awesome!

Cathy Dickey (Winter Garden, FL) - 02/09/2014
I thought the girl that helped me host the party was very sweet.

Karen Greenwood (Ocoee, FL) - 02/09/2014
Thanks for the exceptional service from Amanda and Tony...

Tara Cella (Apopka, FL) - 02/09/2014
My son wanted Laser Tag for his birthday and I was looking for an indoor facility with a nice size to it.

I liked that all of the kids had lots of fun playing laser tag - I had ages from 8 to 14, boys and girls and they all really liked the laser tag.

Ashley was our party host; she was very attentive and rallied the troups to get everyone in and out of the laser tag area before and after games.

Gretchen Ruggiero (Winter Garden , FL) - 02/04/2014
My son loved attending another child's party there and LOVED it!

Emanuel was a great host and kept everything going! Kids had a great time!

Shanique Sneed (Altamonte Springs, FL) - 02/04/2014
A friend referred me and told me they had a blast.

Amanda and Xavier were great!

Terri Overmiller (Lakeland, FL) - 02/03/2014
Ashley and Delaney were great party hosts!

Monica Taylor (Orlando, FL) - 02/03/2014
My son wanted his birthday party in the Extreme Laser Tag.

The kids had a lot of fun!

Elaina Lavdas (Windermere, FL) - 02/02/2014
My son has wanted his party here ever since he went to another birthday party at this location.

Everything was done for me and the kids LOVED it!

We had a great experience! Thank you for making my son's party wonderful and easy for me!!!

Tiffany Stieger (Apopka, FL) - 01/27/2014
We came here because we wanted something fun and a "non combat" feel for our church event.

The kids love it!

Kimberly Danner (Orlando, FL) - 01/27/2014
I loved the staff. It was not just our party planner Ashley who was awesome, but all staff members were alert, came over to check on us, helped pour drinks for adults, etc. It felt like they were a true team, they all worked well togeather, they were having fun at work, but doing a very, very good job.

Nayda Nunaz (Winter Garden, FL) - 01/27/2014
Extreme Laser Tag is a fun place to be at!

Kristeen Acito (MINNEOLA, FL) - 01/26/2014
We had our birthday party here because he's played there before and wanted a laser tag party.

I would recommend Extreme Laser Tag.

Candida Cheruvattath (Winter Garden, FL) - 01/25/2014
Our party host coordinated the whole party!

Emma Surujlall (Winter Garden, FL) - 01/22/2014
We had our birthday party here because my son came to a previous birthday party and liked it.

I liked having the host...that is very important to have someone hand and foot with you.

Heather Kamaka (Gotha, FL) - 01/21/2014
The staff was wonderful.

Andrea Whiddon (Windermere, FL) - 01/21/2014
My son has waited for years to be big enough to have his party here!

The staff was exceptional!

Amanda was our party host and she was fantastic! She was so accommodating and professional. She always had a smile on here face and made us feel right at home. We really enjoyed our party.

It was great! I wouldn't have changed anything!

Thank you Amanda!

Roy Figueroa (Orlando, FL) - 01/20/2014
Our host, Hannah, was AWESOME!!! Best party host ever had at any of my kids parties. Loved the way she interacted with the kids especially the birthday boy.

Not only did the kids have a great time, so did the parents! We also played and enjoyed being able to celebrate our son's birthday with him. We will definitely come back.

Gigi Bosch (Windermere, FL) - 01/13/2014
We wanted to celebrate birthday outside the house and this was close by, as well as it seemed fun for boys.

The kids had a blast and I didn't have to do anything!

Hannah, our party host, did an awesome job entertaining!

Dan Ryan (Apopka, FL) - 01/13/2014
My son attended a birthday party there a few months back and he decided he wanted a laser tag party as well.

He liked getting to play on different teams with his friends!

Anna Hopper (Ocoee, FL) - 01/13/2014
My daughter had been to a parties there before and wanted her Birthday party there.

It was a fun activity for the kids and the adults had a place to sit and socialize.

Tony and Delaney were extremely helpful. There were other workers there that answered questions. Everyone was real helpful. Everyone had a good time.

Alicia Stewart (Orlando, FL) - 01/13/2014
Your employees, Amanda and Demi were great!

I didn't have to do any set-up or clean-up!

Khalila Arrington (Apopka, FL) - 01/11/2014
Laser tag is something fun and exciting for a boy's birthday.

Hannah was an excellent host! She was very attentive, pleasant, and helpful.

Tracy Boxx (Orlnado, FL) - 01/07/2014
My older son had his party here in November. Younger one wanted "the same party as my brother!"

My boys LOVE laser tag!! The party was easy to plan and organize.

Lisa Beato (Sanford, FL) - 01/05/2014
A party at Extreme Laser Tag in Ocoee was affordale compare to the other places I researched.

They had a friendly environment and staff.

Our party host was Hanna. Wow she was so friendly and helpful and down to earth with everything she did...God bless her and help her keep such a good spirit.

Thank you. My little girl really enjoyed her party....

Deborah Crenshaw (Orlando, FL) - 12/29/2013
A birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag is a good value for money. My son loves laser tag!

Hannah was our host. She was AWESOME and made everything very easy. All of the guests were entertained the whole time and they all had FUN!!!!!

Hannah was extraordinary! Super friendly and attentive. She anticipated and saw to our every need. I would love to have a party coordinated by Hannah again and would recommend her to anyone!

I am very pleased with my son's laser tag party! Thank you.

Heather Driscoll (Winter Garden, FL) - 12/28/2013
Both of my daughters enjoy playing laser tag. It is also great for both girls and boys and all ages.

Our party hostess was great! Everything was done for me. The kids had fun.

Linda Jordan (Ocoee, FL) - 12/21/2013
I walked in and just had fun and enjoyed watching my son have fun with his friends. The staff took care of EVERYTHING even things I forgot about.

Demi Burdette was an exceptional hostess, she took care of everything anyone attending the party needed. Because of her I was able to sit back and enjoy my sons birthday instead of rushing around taking care of everything. The manager Tony was also a wonderful help in getting our party booked and set up the perfect amount of tokens for my son and his friends

I would definitely have another party here.

Jennifer Haas (Windermere, FL) - 12/19/2013
We hosted our party here because my son had a great time playing laser tag at the last birthday party he attended at this facility.

The best part is not having to do anything. It was all taken care of!

Your manager was amazing. Very courteous and friendly. He is running a very smooth operation. He deserves recognition for his kindness and cincetn with making sure we were 100% satisfied.

Trieu Nguyen (Sanford, FL) - 12/16/2013
Demi was very helpful and courteous.

They have a very friendly staff!

Mary Dauria (Ocoee, FL) - 12/16/2013
We had our birthday party there because it was close to home, and we had a great time playing Laser Tag there before!

Our party hostess Hannah was GREAT !!! She was very effecient, nice, and kept the kids entertained, and made sure everyone had what they needed!

I didn't have to do anything, but just show up! Very easy place to have a birthday party!!!

Gwynne Bell (Orlando, FL) - 12/16/2013
We picked Extreme Laser Tag for the location and value.

We liked the laser tag!

Victoria Walden (Winter Garden, FL) - 12/15/2013
Our party host, Ashley, was so great with everything I couldn't ask for more! I just want to think her again this meant a lot to my kids! And she was the best!

Can't wait to come back again!!!!!!

Scott Garland (Apopka, FL) - 12/14/2013
My son really liked it. The kids had a blast!

Angie Nelson (Gotha, FL) - 12/08/2013
My children wanted their party there.

Having our own party host made it stress free party for me.

Kelly Whitney (Ocoee, FL) - 11/22/2013
The kids were completely entertained.

Alicia Sutton (Orlando , FL) - 11/22/2013
My son wanted to have his party here after he had attended a few parties himself.

James was our party host and he was amazing. Always ready to serve with a smile, cool, calm, collected, organized and fun! We had 17 boys and he managed to keep them all happy, especially the Birthday boy!

Rita Phillips (Ocoee, FL) - 11/22/2013
Extremely organized and very attentive staff.

Fun for teenagers.

Shawn, the manager on duty, greeted us and showed us to our area. He was so attentive and very accommodating. Brendan was our party host. He had a great energy, keeping every one excited and on track. He was accommodating to our every need. He was a perfect party host! I was also really impressed when we were leaving. I was holding the cake and my husband was holding the leftover pizza. Two other employees came over, took the items from us and helped us carry them to our car. Great service!

Emily Huhne (Windermere, FL) - 11/20/2013
My child chose laser tag for his birthday ... a perfect party!

Amanda Donaldson (Orlando, FL) - 11/19/2013
We came back because we had previous parties here! And I was extremely satisfied with the service!!

Our hosts are always excellent!!

Lisa Knight (Orlando, FL) - 11/18/2013
I heard Extreme Laser Tag was an awesome place and it was my son's 13th birthday ... so I wanted to do something different and fun.

Everything was perfect and ran smoothly.

Our hostess was amazing and very attentive and helpful.

Jaclyn Patellis (Windermere, FL) - 11/18/2013
I liked that my son was happy. The organization of how the games are played completely IMPRESSED me - and i am extremely hard to please - so i will reccommend this facility to friends. There was no boring downtime for the kids and i appreciated that. The game times were awesome. Loved being able to play with my son and his party.

Xavier was sooooooo smily and happy when I walked in to get started. After one of the most stressful days of my life, - unrelated to the party - he was smily, friendly, and thourough and it went a long way in my world regarding the party itself and the expense of the facility. : -

He also helped throughout the party. Demi was awesome! She was amazing with the kids and happy!! She took care of everything flawlessly. Tony rocks and was attentive and professional in making sure everything was in place and checked in throughout the party to ensure my needs were met.

Great staff... great fun... the laser tag set up and environment... very cool!

Tracy Boxx (Orlando, FL) - 11/17/2013
My son loves Laser Tag.

Our party host, Ashley, was exceptional.

Margarita Hidalgo (Orlando , FL) - 11/17/2013
We received great service!

Rachel Rognlin (Winter Garden, FL) - 11/16/2013
There is no doubt the Boys had a blast!

Delaney our party planner was excellent and very attentive. At any point if she saw me looking around she would ask how she could help.

I am terrible with names but both managers on duty were excellent as well. There were three parties last night and they jumped in and helped out where needed. Overall a really great experience.

Trena Wilson (Orlando, FL) - 11/10/2013
James, Tony and Ashley are exceptional employees!

Our party was THE BEST.

Karem Principe (Davenport, FL) - 11/10/2013
I was looking for a place to celebrate my son's birthday. Laser tag is something he likes and the location was convenient.

I liked the convenience of a good time for the kids without much effort or expense.

Dina Martin (Winter Garden, FL) - 11/10/2013
I liked that I didn't have to worry about cleaning up or serving food or setting up or anything like that.

Tony was by far the most outstanding of the employees. He asked several times if we had everything we needed and if we were having fun. Our hostess Delaney was also great making sure we had everything we needed.

Sandra Urias (Ocoee, FL) - 11/09/2013
My son likes to play Laser Tag and he was very excited to have his party there.

All my family and friends had a lot of fun.

Jennifer Mulligan (Orlando, FL) - 11/07/2013
Our birthday party was the best!

Stephanie Waddingham (Orlando, FL) - 11/04/2013
My child had attended a previous party and had a great time, so we had our birthday party here.

Both Ashleys were great with the kids and very attentive to everyone. All parents at the party commented on how fantastic the Laser Tag staff was.

The kids were constantly busy and excited and had a great time

Karen Peters (Clermont, FL) - 10/31/2013
Extreme Laser Tag is all-around fun!

Delaney, put party host, was awesome!

Ashley Bearden (Orlando, FL) - 10/28/2013
I really liked the atmosphere and set up -- but playing laser tag was a really cool experience!

Delaney - our hostess - was great. She was helpful and attentive, she has a great personality that seemed genuine - I've been at a few other places before where you get the feeling the hostess is kind of fake nice, putting on an act because its their job, if that makes sense - , but she doesn't give off that kind of vibe at all, she has good people skills.

Britt Despenza (Winter Garden, FL) - 10/24/2013
Our hostess was amazing. She was very upbeat - high energy - and kept my children engaged and excited.

The hostess - Hannah - explained to the children how to play the game, shared excitement while in the game and made it an overall great experience.

She was amazing!

Monica Searcy (Kissimmee, FL) - 10/21/2013
The kids had fun in the laser tag area.

I thought our host, Zavier, was helpful.

Natalie Shakespeare (Orlando, FL) - 10/21/2013
A birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag was my child's request.

I liked having a dedicated party host.

We had a great time!

Ronda Bouzari (Windermere, FL) - 10/17/2013
My child picked Extreme Laser Tag after attending another party there.

There are lots of games for kids

Our host, Danny Santos, was exceptional. The whole staff was helpful and friendly.

Ashley Seiler (Orlando, FL) - 10/14/2013
My child suggested it and the price was economical.

James was great!!

The boys had a fantastic time!!!

Tiffany Coning (Ocoee, FL) - 10/14/2013
A birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag was something that my boys wanted to do and a good price.

I liked free drinks, the helpful staff, and no clean up for me!

Ashley was awesome and very helpful.

All the kids who attended had a great time, thanks for a great party!

Cheryl Clemens (Winter Garden, FL) - 10/14/2013
The kids enjoy this and it was an affordable party.

I liked the convenience, no stress, attentiveness of staff, particularly Xavier.

Good job everyone!

Emily Peebles (Orlando, FL) - 10/13/2013
We had our birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag.

My son was happy!

Nieli Wasson (Windermere, FL) - 10/12/2013
The kids loved it...

All of the staff was amazing.

Angelina Comellas (Kissimmee, FL) - 10/11/2013
Ashley, the party hostess was great. She was very attentive and made sure we had everything that we needed. Tony was also extremely helpful.

My son loves laser tag, and liked the guns...

Iebe Miesak (Windermere , FL) - 10/02/2013
Thanks to James, Tony, Zavier and Shawn. Tony and Zavier both are great managers. James and Shawn both are so helpful.

Michael John Schmelzle (Clermont, FL) - 09/29/2013
What a fun and clean place!

Adrianna Uhlman (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/29/2013
We came back because we had a party for our other child 6 months ago and had a great time!

I loved everything! It was easy to book the party with your great staff. Once we arrived it was great to be taken care of and have a great time.

My son's 10th birthday party was amazing and we ALL had fun! This is our second party at this location and we will be back again. Thank you for everything!

Christie De Costa (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/24/2013
My son Bryce had a great time playing laser tag several times at your facility and wanted his birthday party there!

I did not have to clean up anything at home!! The kids had fun playing and I got down time. I did not have to host or run around the entire party! Friendly staff and host!

Patricia Rosa (Orlando, FL) - 09/23/2013
Our birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag in Ocoee was very fun!

Lesley Rosario (Orlando, FL) - 09/23/2013
Melissa, the host, was great!

We had a blast and the staff was great at accommodating the party.

Kerrie Phillipps (Clermont, FL) - 09/22/2013
I like the Entertainment and party all in one venue for a kids' birthday party.

Hannah our host was extremely friendly, helpful and very attentive. She did everything for us to have an awesome party. GREAT JOB.


Veronica Van Alphen (Windermere, FL) - 09/21/2013
The kids had a blast!

William Dixon (Jacksonville, FL) - 09/16/2013
We chose Extreme Laser Tag for our party when our son told us he had soooo much fun and he wanted to have his party there, also. I did not go with him, but I heard all about it when he got home.

It was an awesome experience and we appreciate everyone at the facility. Everyone was very kind. Hope to see you all soon!

Van French (Windermere, FL) - 09/09/2013
Eight and nine year old boys love laser tag - and big boys too -- their dads - !

Thank you for a FANTASTIC time had by all!

Lisa Torres (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/08/2013
Our party was no stress -- you handled everything.

Our party host, Delaney, was great!

The additude of the employees to serve was impressive from management down. And it has been my experience that that kind of environment is caused by excellent leadership.

Michelle Skipper (Winter Garden, FL) - 09/06/2013
The planning was well done - even with the last minute changes we made - everything flowed well, and they kept the events moving.

Alayna Riggins (Ocoee, FL) - 09/02/2013
We like the proximity and fun. And our son wanted his birthday party there.

Iebe Ya Chieh Ho Miesak (Windermere, FL) - 09/01/2013
I wanted something different for my mid's birthday party.

Melissa did a good job hosting our party.

Dennis Deangelo (Clermont, FL) - 08/26/2013
My daughter had been there before and enjoyed herself. That is where she wanted to have her party.

Hannah (our party host) was incredible!!! She was friendly, energetic, and customer oriented. Definitely an asset to your company. SHE ROCKED!!!

The whole staff was great. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Carolyn Hill (Windermere, FL) - 08/24/2013
I wanted an atmosphere of fun for middle school aged guests.

I loved having a party host!!!!!!

I really enjoyed not having to worry about the details ... instead I was able to enjoy watching my daughter enjoying herself with her friends. That added so much value to our experience.

My husband and I were extremely impressed with every one from your team. The service provided by them was friendly and off the charts courteous and professional. Delaney DArgenio was exceptional! Enjoyed her smile, friendliness and her willingness to go the extra mile like taking photos for me while the kids played laser tag so I could visit with the parents. That was sooooo helpful to me. She was on top of everything!!!

Both managers last night were extremely professional and very attentive. Thank you Tony- a hurt shoulder did not stand in your way of being so attentive to us making sure our party was a success. Very impressed by that.

Laser Tag is fun but what made last night EXTREMELY fun was the service the team members made a fun night absolutely memorable. Thank you so much! I am an Extremely Satisfied Customer!

Jodi Davis (Ocoee, FL) - 08/18/2013
A party at Extreme Laser Tag was the birthday boy's choice!

Kyra Russo (Winter Garden, FL) - 08/12/2013
I would recommend a birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag.

Juan Garcia (Orlando, FL) - 08/12/2013
Melissa was our Game Master and did an excellent job. She was very friendly and helpful. The manager Tony was also very friendly. He checked in with me a couple times through out the day to make sure everything was going ok.

We liked the laser tag games!

Debbie Bellon (Orlando, FL) - 08/11/2013
My son had so much fun at a friend's party there he wanted to have his there too!

I liked the fun and ease of the party. Delaney was great and Tony was too!

Randie Kwasny (Orlando, FL) - 08/06/2013
It was fun for all the kids and a great team bonding experience.

Skylar was the young lady that was the host of our party. She did an amazing job!

It was a great experience and I will plan on coming back again.

Star Hughes (Leesburg, FL) - 08/05/2013
My daughter loved your laser arena and so did I!

The laser course is awesome and our hostess Hannah was great.

Denise Heath (Ocoee, FL) - 08/04/2013
We received exceptional service from Skylar.

You didn't have to look for your party host ... she was always there.

Ramona Angell (Windermere, FL) - 07/29/2013
We chose Extreme Laser Tag as our birthday party venue for a fun interactive party my son and friends would enjoy.

The Laser Tag was great fun and very interactive for the kids.

We received exceptional service from our party host, Skylar, and the store manager, Tony.

Delisa Gayle (Orlando, FL) - 07/28/2013
It was something different and I thought it would be fun.

Our hosts Skylar and Hannah were amazing and made us feel so welcomed and special the entire night.

Diana Capella Conde (Orlando, FL) - 07/22/2013
Hannah was our party organizer and she did an amazing job. She connected with me with in minutes of walking in. She offered the tokens so that the children that were currently there, could be entertained quickly. She memorized the kids and their names, and she was very thorough and efficient - time wise - to insure all the activities were concluded on or near schedule.

I never felt rushed or ignored. She is very sweet, kind, understanding and professional. One child was afraid of the laser tag game and she comforted him. In my opinion, that goes way beyond any party planners job shows she cares and is very personable.

I would highly recommend this type of party for all age groups, boys and girls. My family, friends and all the kids had a time and made great memories.

Alison Ives (Winter Garden , FL) - 07/21/2013
The kids had a blast!

Seydi L Murphy (Orlando, FL) - 07/21/2013
Our host was Ashley and manager was Tony. Both were great. Ashley was exceptional. She was on point with everything. I did not have to do anything. She was informative, kind, courteous, attentive and enjoyed working with us. Best host I have had anywhere.

The kids had so much fun. They all left saying they had a great time. Seeing they had fun was the best thing about the party. They all want to go back.

Tamirra Hutchinson (Orlando, FL) - 07/21/2013
We had our party there because it had good reviews online and we have never been there.

Melissa was a STELLAR party host. She was there from start to finish making sure I didn't have to do anything. I felt welcome and my party guest had a blast.

I wish I had known about this sooner : - .

Alicia Verzi (Orlando, FL) - 07/18/2013
It was a field trip, we chose it because we heard it was fun.

The service was wonderful!

Chadaporn Tepwong (Ocoee, FL) - 07/15/2013
The kids enjoy themselves.

Everything was great!

Joseph Linton (Clermont, FL) - 07/15/2013
My son and I have played laser tag at this location before and noticed parties taking place. So we had one.

Melissa was awesome!!! She was the perfect host for my son's 13th birthday party. She did everything. Tony - Manager - is also quite an asset to your organization. He provided clear leadership to his team and was always visible and attentive to the needs of everyone.

We will be back again and again. Everyone enjoyed this event. There was never a boring moment.

Blanca Johnson (Orlando, FL) - 07/15/2013
During the summer we are always looking for a birthday party that is indoors due to the heat and rain. My kids played here before,and my son's heart was set on having a party here.

We love the fact that it was indoors. Plus, the staff was terrific. Allowing the parents - adults - to enjoy the party as well.

Hannah Cha-Kim was amazing!! She really did an excellent job of taking care of us - very polite and attentive - . Because of Hannah and Tony our party was a success - and very easy - .

Many thanks to Hannah and Tony. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Bobby - our son - had a wonderful day!!

Grayson Merritt (Orlando, FL) - 07/13/2013
My son had so much fun at the party he attended that he wanted to have his there as well.

The staff was incredibly welcoming and so helpful. I loved that my husband and I got to play as well. Normally at parties we just sit on side lines but it made the party extra-special that we got to join in on the fun as well!!!

We had an amazing experience!! Tony checked in on us several times to make sure we were ok and even pitched in during dinner. Delaney was awesome! She anticipated our every need, engaged with the kiddos and was just really fun to be around! Great job team and thank you so much for making Tristan's birthday so special! We can't wait to come back :- -

Casie Pressey (Kissimmee, FL) - 07/03/2013
My son loves this place. He had a great time with his friends.

Brad Carreker (Winter Garden, FL) - 07/01/2013
My son had never played before and thought it would be a good birthday party.

It went quickly and smoothly.

Melissa at the Ocoee, FL center was GREAT. So was Shawn.

Eva McCastler (Ocoee, FL) - 06/29/2013
Our older child received a birthday invite. The younger one wanted to attend so bad! That was last year! Asked if he could have a party there and after I saw the prices and they were pretty reasonable, we booked it. BEST IDEA EVER!!! We had a blast! :

I loved that the entire party could play together, adults and kids. We had just as much fun as the kids! Also a cool indoor activity away from the Florida heat! It was just as well too because there was an afternoon downpour that would have ruined everything if an outdoor event was planned. Thats when we decided to stay and play the arcade games for a while.

Our party host was super awesome! But since I'm doing this review 2 weeks later, I can't recall his name! So sorry! But he waited on us hand and foot! Made sure we were clear on what would happen at the party, kept us on a schedule but it never seemed forced or rushed, and made sure our drinks were refreshed quickly, etc. He really was very good. Please check your store log to see who he was because he really went the extra mile. He even helped during the game play, as I was with my 5yr old niece he showed us how to shoot out a "base" and we scored extra points! He really was phenomenal! I'm so sorry that his name escapes me. The entire crew was exceptional.

Maher Daoud (Doha Qatar, FL) - 06/28/2013
The kids had a great time.

Skyler was fantastic!!! She was very attentive to our needs. The kids loved her. The manger was also great.

We will definitely be back!!!

Jonnalee Owens (Ocoee, FL) - 06/23/2013
I choose Extreme Laser Tag because we had my nephew's party there back in February. My sister was looking for ideas and I told her I saw a laser tag place in Ocoee.

I liked not having to clean up or keep track of a schedule.

Everyone was great including the gentleman at check out who was the host for my nephews party.

Nicola Bennet (Windermere, FL) - 06/23/2013
The kids had a ball!

Hannah was our party host. She is good for customer service, a smile goes a long way!

Thanie Elliassaint (Orlando, FL) - 06/22/2013
I liked how the host pays attention to my kid and asked if any one needed help with the vest before laser tagging. Great customer service.

Thank you ... my little boy enjoyed it.

Caroline Van Dyken (Leesburg, FL) - 06/18/2013
My child wanted a Laser Tag Party.

Our party was fun for everyone, including adults!

Asia, our party host, was very helpful and overall ... the entire staff was attentive.

Angela Rodgers (Winter Garden, FL) - 06/17/2013
We had our birthday party here to experience something different.

Aisha (our party host) was great ...she is truly a sweetheart!

Thanks for a great time. My son and his friends enjoyed his party

Amy Anglin (Orlando, FL) - 06/16/2013
Extreme Laser Tag is what my son wanted for his party.

Our party hosts, Hanna and Demi were great!!!!

Everyone had a great time and even the adults had a blast!

Overall great time and I would totally come back!

Tom Wykle (Kissimmee, FL) - 06/10/2013
My son wanted his birthday party here.

Our host, Shawn, was great and helped out where ever he could.

Everyone had a great time.

Cynthia Dougherty (Ocoee, FL) - 06/08/2013
Extreme Laser Tag sounded like a perfect place for my son's 12th birthday!

We enjoyed playing laser tag for the first to time! My husband and I were able to enjoy our son's party!

Everything went very smoothly!

Thank you.

Tina Kimbro (Apopka, FL) - 06/03/2013
We had our church event here because of Extreme Laser tag's good reputation.

We had a great time - all ages!

Brandon Dunn (Orlando, FL) - 06/01/2013
Laser Tag is fun!

We liked the pizza and the awesome fun time.

Stephanie Quintana (Winter Garden, FL) - 05/26/2013
I chose this place because it was something my son wanted to play but we would just pass by then his birthday came around and i suggested why not make it there. We went in and they gave us a tour and we reserved the party right then and there.

Our party host was Hannah. Hannah was great and she did awesome. I liked the fact that she let my son the birthday boy pick and choose his teammates!

The best thing we liked is the dedicated party host the package and the fact that parents can play for free to be able to enjoy the party with the your kids.

Thanks for a unforgettable experience for my son's 11th birthday!!

We will be back again.

Oneka Campbell (Orlando, FL) - 05/25/2013
We had our birthday party here because we attended another friend's party and liked the place.

I liked no clean up!

Michelle Hill Hanson (Longwood, FL) - 05/21/2013
Skylar and Aisha gave me exceptional service. I would recommend Extreme Laser Tag for a birthday party.

Mike Vitale (Clermont, FL) - 05/20/2013
We liked the organization and cleanliness! Plus, the game fun was overall very good.

Thank you very much.

Patricia Dewland (Winter Garden, FL) - 05/19/2013
My daughter wanted to have her party there.

The kids loved playing laser tag.

Sherana Bahadur (Ocoee, FL) - 05/12/2013
It was a great price since we had such a large party and it was a convenient location.

The staff, manager and party host, Skylar, were so attentive to our needs and thd needs of our guests and kids. I was so impressed at the hands on approach with every detail of the party!

Out of all the birthday parties we've had for our kids, this has by far been the best one. Every parent and child enjoyed it to the max. All of our guests were thrilled with how fun it was.

I think the dad's enjoyed it more than the kids! Again it could not have been this amazing without the amazing, competent, and helpful staff that went above and beyond our expectations!

Thank you again for making our boys 7th bdays soo memorable!

Kimberly Henderson (Ocoee, FL) - 05/05/2013
My son enjoys playing laser tag, and this location is convenient

Our party was easy, and the kids had a great time.

Louise King (Winter Garden, FL) - 05/05/2013
Under current management, we have seen obvious improvements to the facility. My son LOVES the game. It is much more organized and a much cleaner facility that the previous owners had kept it.

The staff made it an easy, relaxing way for parents to host a fun, ENERGETIC party for 13 boys!!

Shawn Campbell hosted our party - AWESOME employee! And exceptional management under Tony. : -

Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Richard Rispoli (Orlando, FL) - 05/05/2013
The kids chose the party venue. The first time we played they saw another party and wanted to have theirs at Extreme Laser Tag.

Skylar was our party host and did a great job. Everyone was very friendly and checked on out satisfaction continually. The kids loved it.

Steve Tinn (Windermere, FL) - 04/29/2013
A birthday party at Extreme Laser Tag in Ocoee was something fun and a bit different to do.

Our party was simple and easy!

Chris Taylor (Apopka, FL) - 04/22/2013
Extreme Laser Tag is a fun place and very cost effective. Nice laser tag course!

All of the items the store supplied such as drinks, cups, napkins etc. our host was great!! We felt we were the only ones in the place even though was busy.

We tipped our hostess at end because she was excellent. She deserves an " atta girl" She was very professional and attentive. Always asked if we needed anything or if all was ok or if we had any questions. She should be commended. The manager was extremely nice also.

It was great that we could bring food in so we could feed the adults at our party. We also were able to bring in our own cake which was great. We will be back next year for another birthday party... We are also coming back to play in a few weeks.

We are planning to get a bunch of people to go twice a month at least!!!!

Katherine Christian (Orlando, FL) - 04/21/2013
My son loves laser tag!

Our party was all-inclusive! Very low stress as everything was included with the package.

Great place! Will definitely visit again.

Crystal Sanford (Windermere, FL) - 04/15/2013
Our party was easy! Skylar was an excellent party host.

Alan Birscha (Orlando, FL) - 04/13/2013
We loved the game itself and the way our host handled everything extremely well.

Stephen Geidel (Orlando, FL) - 03/29/2013
Had a heck of a time tonight with my boys. You guys were better than I expected!

Melissa Palmer (Orlando, FL) - 03/21/2013
Our party was great. I wouldn't change anything.

Aurora Rojas (Ocoee, FL) - 03/18/2013
Hanna, Shawn and Tony were awesome!

Sylvia Porchia (Orlando, FL) - 03/17/2013
I choose the this place because they were quick to respond and reasonably priced. I enjoyed that they hosted the party so it made it easy.

I liked that we had our own host that just dealt with our party. It was great to have the one-on-one attention.

Our host's was name Skylar and she was great. She was knowledgable and when she didnt know she was not ashamed to say let me check on that and ask the manager.


Sarah Rodriguez (Winter Garden, FL) - 03/11/2013
The staff who took care of us - Skylar and Tony - were SUPER friendly, helpful, very attentive, kind, fun and easy to approach. They made certain that my son's birthday was a blast and that everyone was happy and well-taken care of from beginning to end.

Stellar customer service to this level is such a rarity and should definitely be recognized. As a result of how well they took care of us, a few of the other parents and I have decided to plan a grown-ups night out to Laser Tag at this location. : -

Sheena Robinson (Ocoee, FL) - 03/10/2013
Shawn, James and Tony were outstanding. They were there to help us in any way they could.

Shawn was very patient and friendly. The venue was also very clean and organized.

Michael Aponte (Orlando, FL) - 03/10/2013
We had our birthday party here because it was a reasonable price.

Everything was well organized.

Steve Daher (Clermont, FL) - 03/09/2013
Slyler was outstanding and Tony, the manager, was very professional and friendly.

Michelle Dietrich (Orlando, FL) - 03/09/2013
The hostess was amazing. She was always looking for ways to serve us.

The kIds loved it!

Celeste Michel (Orlando, FL) - 03/04/2013
My grandson wanted a Laser Tag party.

This location met our needs and we had heard positive feedback from another Mom.

Joanne and Hannah our hosts were wonderful and the folks at the desk could not have been nicer. All were very accomodating, helpful and cheery.

The children and the adults had a great time.

Thanks for making my Grandson's 9th Birthday Party so much fun!

Lisa Vandervoort (Ocoee, FL) - 03/04/2013
My son wnated his party there.

Everything was taken care of for me. The hosts were attentive to the kids needs. All of the kids had a blast.

Thanks to Brenden, Hannah and Tony at Extreme Laser Tag!

Yuliya Mariani (Orlando, FL) - 03/04/2013
Hannah was AMAZING!!!

The best party host I've experienced in the last 8 years!!! Tony was very helpful and attentive to our needs.

I was very surprised at the exceptional staff at Laser Tag - Honestly!!! I was a business owner as well, and I only hoped and wished and prayed that my staff was as good as I've experienced yesterday at your facility.

I am looking forward bringing my Orlando Team for some Team Building - really looking forward!!!


Doug Walters (Apopka, FL) - 02/25/2013
Our birthday party was THE BEST!

Tia Renee Molina (Ocoee, FL) - 02/18/2013
The children enjoyed the game.

Rosalind Johnson (Orlando, FL) - 02/18/2013
I did like being able to view the game on the big screen and the fact we could bring our own food.

Your staff was great and were there for anything we needed.

Kathryn Perrotta (Orlando, FL) - 02/17/2013
My daughter had fun at another party and wanted this for her party!

The party was very organized and friendly...

Sergio was our HOST...AWESOME!

Hiba Abdoun (Windermere, FL) - 02/16/2013
I liked everything about our party...

Taner Mina (Orlando, FL) - 02/15/2013
The staff was very proper and helpful.

Thanks to Tony, the Manager, and Sean...

Wesley Roberts (Orlando, FL) - 02/12/2013
My son went there before and wanted to have a party at Extreme Laser Tag.

The staff made sure everyone had what they needed. Great team work among the staff. All I need was there.

Our party host was great as well as the managers and other staff on duty.

It was a great experience. I will be back.

Wesley Roberts (Orlando, FL) - 02/10/2013
My son went before and wanted to have a party at Extreme Laser Tag in Ocoee.

The staff made sure everyone had what they needed. Great team work among the staff. All I needed was there. Our party host was great as well as the managers and other staff on duty. It was a great experience. I will be back.

Jocelyn Stewart (Orlando, FL) - 02/01/2013
My daughter picked Extreme Laser Tag for her birthday party.

The hostess and manager were awesome!

Susan Roberts (Orlando, FL) - 01/28/2013
Great deal. Good location.

Everything was handled for us.

Jennifer Tierman (Clermont, FL) - 01/28/2013
The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. The laser tag area was awesome.

Overall, everything was awesome. Thank you all for helping make this the best birthday party for my son!

Esther Grillo - 01/20/2013
I wanted a different type of party for my son.

The staff was great. Very attentive and the kids had a blast.

Camille R. (Ocoee, FL) - 01/09/2013
I'm so glad my dad took me to play laser tag. It was really fun!

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